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On a Kirby note… here’s a ‘fantasy’ drawing of Octobriana encountering a Nazi, done in a Kirbyesque style. This was provoked by a pub conversation with a major-league nerd. Would you buy a comic like this?

Octobriana vs Nazis

This entry was posted on Tuesday, April 3rd 2012 at 5:27 am.
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4 Responses to Octobriana vs Nazis

  • Steve Green says:

    Would I buy this comic? Damned straight.

  • trav28 says:

    Have you read “Bullet Proof Coffin”? I think you would appreciate its sensibilities :D

  • Chrissie says:

    I haven’t, but I’ll add it to my ‘to be investigated’ list.

  • trav28 says:

    Good stuff, I think they are being collected into a omnibus but the second series is just sublime (and most twisted).